Porter Technology is dedicated to providing a refined and professional experience to our clients, people, communities and companies through developing exceptional
websites and software .The ultimate goal is to uphold the best performance at all times in order to provide high quality work that engages the interests and suggestions of our clients in order to help generate, establish and flourish the foundation of their business.  This stems from the ability to understand multiple concepts and challenges in life through a diverse variety of education, work experience and challenges.

Finding the specialty

Porter Technology is owned and operated by Matthew Walker. From a young age, Walker has developed a certain skill with technology that came easier than most. This passion extended into further study where eventually Walker would develop expertise in developing websites, performing SEO  (Search Engine Optimisation) and diverse range of online marketing strategies. Landing a role as a developer during University, his focus changed to developing a standalone website based on GIS mapping technologies and market analysis.

This intensive phase of developing this mapping website allowed Walker to build the brand of Porter Technology into the name it is today. The goal always to deliver an exceptionally high level of skill, experience and service for all of our clients.