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Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway

​Porter Technology has developed a ​cryptocurrency ​payment ​gateway for businesses wanting to accept crypto payments on their WordPress​ website. ​Our cryptocurrency payment gateway plugin lets your customers checkout using ​one of the cryptocurr​enc​ies that you can instantly enable/disable. This plugin works by extend​ing WooCommerce ​​payment gateway options ​on ​your ​checkout page, adding your cryptocurrencies as a payment options which will convert the cart total in real-time to the exact value for th​e selected cryptocurrency ( by ​connecting to a cyptocurrency exchange ).

Start Accepting Cryptocurrency Payments

A plugin for businesses that accesses an interest free gateway for cryptocurrency can now be used so that companies and customers alike have the option to trade with virtual currency. There are unbelievable amounts of benefits that we as a team can share when you start to understand our ethos.

Accepting cryptocurrencies as a payment option on your website can be enabled through our transaction gateway because of the grey area of regulation that currently exists with virtual currency and more importantly the access and expansion upon open source coding at this stage.

Start Accepting Cryptocurrency Payments on Your Website

You can now get access to a cryptocurrency payments gateway that has the intentions of customers & business owners in mind!

Cryptocurrency Payments For Businesses

We are here to help legitimate business owners that are after an uncomplicated way to get involved with cryptocurrency. The beauty about this approach is, we are not here to undermine anyone or anything, only to help innovate a new business mindset for everyone that is interested in cryptocurrency or wanting to start accepting crypto payments on their website.

​Will We Add New Cryptocurrencies?

There are certain obstacles with each cryptocurrency and reliability is generally a big issue. We are actively expanding and updating our plugins and are very interested in hearing about any suggestions for new cryptocurrencies to add to our payment gateway. Before adding new cryptocurrencies to our payment gateway, we like to ensure the cryptocurrency is reliable before we can safely and securely add these as a payment option.

Why Choose Our Cryptocurrency Payment Gateways?

No Transcation Fees For Our Crypto Payment Gateway

Most crypto payment gateways are associated with a transaction fee for each payment processed through the respective online checkout. This ‘third party’ fee is a contradiction to the development of a peer to peer payment system created by Satoshi Nakomato.

​We have developed this plugin to allow payments between business owners and customers to proceed in a way that eliminates paying a transaction fee to this ‘third party’. All you need to do is transfer the payment through the conventional wallet method and your payment is processed through our system by noting your ‘transaction-id’. Please note, some currencies may use the public address as the ‘transaction-id’.

Porter Technology Bitcoin Payment Gateway

Are Cryptocurrency Payment Gateways reliable?

The short answer, yes, because the way transactions occur with cryptocurrency can keep both your wallet (where your store money) and your seller id secret. But this also largely depends on how cryptocurrency is viewed by the public.

How does cryptocurrency gain reliability? It starts by creating a conversation about companies that want to help advance cryptocurrency in ways to eliminate the financial struggles.  It is our opinion that the exchange of commodities is more secure using a cryptocurrency payment gateways.

Supply and Demand ​for Cryptocurrency

The supply and demand aspect of cryptocurrency is key to our role, but we need support. People within any community that need assistance in entering the cryptocurrency market or looking for a new marketing direction will now be able to utilise our software to easily help and assist any legitimate business in accepting cryptocurrency payments.

People ​involved with cryptocurrency understand the welfare and support it can bring to small and global communities and this directly breathes life for the existence of this plugin. Whether this is by the means of trading or mining for cryptocurrency, there are many avenues that exist and that are emerging for people to embark and start capitalizing on cryptocurrency and our plugin is just another solution. The release of this plugin allows all business owners to start using cryptocurrency as a valid form of transaction after following a few simple steps.

Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway - Supply and Demand

​The Future Of Cryptocurrency​

As cryptocurrency progresses, legitimate currencies to trade with are starting to emerge; there will be a need for a trusted body of businesses to warrant the existence of a simple payment gateway to eliminate doubt and fear for all businesses. Starting from ground up, we can create conversation around a new model for approaching business, legitimising local and international virtual currencies that can not only benefit from small communities but our globalised public.

There currently exists other payment gateway solutions for cryptocurrency, however after releasing our beta version our attention was drawn to other companies pursuing this market. We have only found payment gateways that associate a transaction fee with each payment processed through the respective online checkout. This ‘third party’ fee is a contradiction to the development of a peer to peer payment system created by Satoshi Nakomato.

Please understand we are aware there are countries where it is currently illegal to trade and mine cryptocurrency and our intentions is not to undermine law in these areas, but to support business owners that can legally pursue this avenue.

Any feedback and support would be greatly appreciated, the more feedback and support the better the updates can be!

WooCommerce Crypto Currency Gateway