Cryptocurrency 2021

What Is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is the decentralized trading market that utilizes virtual coins to buy and sell among other virtual currencies. This even includes payment gateways for purchases made online and even physical products at stores that are beginning to accept the exchange of cryptocurrency in person.  Cryptocurrency, is essentially a more secure way to send and receive money then conventional methods. It adds a level of anonymity to each transaction, however this is largely depended on the cryptocurrency itself.

Cryptocurrency has rapidly become widely accepted across the globe after only a few years of infancy. If you would like to join the trend, Create a free wallet on CoinSpot, an Australian Cryptocurrency Exchange.

Why Is Cryptocurrency Becoming So Valuable?

Cryptocurrency is becoming widely accepted due to its ‘decentralization‘, this means you aren’t paying banks to process your transactions fees and the transactions are almost completely untraceable. Who do you pay? Well, in some markets it’s completely free and in others you pay a very small percentage back into the market. This small percentage is usually paid to users (this could be you!) that are loaning out their computer’s processing power to legitimize transactions and keep the trading market secure, fast and online.

What Is Mining Cryptocurrency?

Go grab a shovel! no actually it’s completely different. This isn’t a labor intensive task unless you enjoy playing with the hardware (which does require a little know-how to build your rig). In short, mining is a task where you setup your computer (or miner) to start generating cryptocurrency. Firstly what is a miner? A miner in a larger context is a person that is loaning out his computer’s resources to solve computational problems for two reasons.

The first reason, by loaning out their computer resources (in most cryptocurrency markets) their computers will verify the legitimacy other transactions using mining software (usually released by the distributor/creator of the respective virtual coin in order to keep the network secure, computers will also act like a node helping boost the speed and efficiency of the network (this in return can raise the market value of the virtual coin).

The second reason, if the distributor of the virtual currency is still outputting coins into their market, then the miner will again use their computer to solve computational problems and if they are the person to complete the last block in the blockchain (a blockchain is a number of blocks), they will receive a higher reward for completing this. This is also largely depenent on the rules for mining each cryptocurrency. In general as more coins are released in the market, it requires more computational power to mine these blocks, however each coin has a different set of conditions in order to retain the value of their coin as their market may be limited with a maximum amount of coins that can be released. This is why it is important you look into each individual cryptocurrency that you are considering to start mining or investing into.

Is Mining Cryptocurrency Still Worth It?

If you’re looking to start trading with bitcoin or perhaps another cryptocurrency media trend has sparked an impulse in your brain and you don’t know where to get started. The best place is to do some research first as their are multiple factors to consider when looking at mining cryptocurrency. The biggest factor people consider before mining cryptocurrency is the cost of power and the return of income you get. If you aren’t willing to drop $10, 000 on hardware, then joining a mining pool might be the best place to start.

Are you looking for a professional setup? Enquire online and we can arrange an affordable consultation price to get you started with mining cryptocurrency or we can even potentially discuss the steps it requires to create your own ICO.


Would you prefer to trade cryptocurrency? If you already have a wallet and don’t know what to do with your money, there’s plenty more you can find on youtube to get you started. If you want to start selling products online, I have also developed a cryptocurrency payment gateway available for woocommerce users, which is currently being updated for a new release in 2021.
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