Does Your Website Need Help?

it is very likely If your website has slowly lost its traffic or conversions, your website could probably do with an update. While you may have been committing yourself to the business available to you, your competitors websites could be outperforming yours now. However, if your website traffic or conversions have suddenly dropped, there’s a few things to consider when you look at your analyse your data. There is chance some sort of event or natural disaster that might be causing an irregular fluctuation to your websites traffic. Perhaps your website has been hit by a negative SEO campaign and you are receiving false leads or even a DDOS attack.

Hire An Experienced Web Developer

If your website is struggling in the search engine, to get more leads/conversions or you just generally need help setting up a website or putting the final touches on your website, I can provide a full suite of website development services that you can rely on. I can help you target more qualified leads or ensure your business is given its bet opportunity to rank high in the search engine. 

Have Your Conversions Dropped?

There’s a couple different reasons why your conversions may have dropped, this includes errors with your contact form, javascript errors with your website or potentially outdated content. I will break this down in more detail for you.

Contact Form Issues

If your website has never received any contact form submissions there’s a chance you have misconfigured the email settings in your contact form plugin. I would recommend using contact form 7 for your website, it may require some basic understanding of HTML. If you have a business email for the website like “sales@” or “info@” and the default sender address is not working (usually wordpress@), try using an additional/alternative plugin that lets you send via SMTP settings, however at this point it might be best to hire to set this up for you quickly.

Javascript / PHP / Other Errors

Javascript and PHP or sometimes other errors causing issues to your website are usually a complex issue for the average user and is usually best left up to an experienced developer to sort out for you. However, the best place to start if you have a website using WordPress and are the average user is to first make sure you have a backup of your website, then update and outdated theme or plugin on your website. Furthermore, for the more experienced user / website developer, I would recommend looking at your console errors / error log file and see if any plugins are causing any issues or to install a plugin that can do a health check on your website.

Outdated Content

Outdated content on your website is one of the most influencing factors when your website begins to lose conversions or users. If your website has started losing users, it is likely your competition have optimized their landing page recently that has overtaken one of your positions in the search engine causing you to lose users or perhaps there has been a Google update that has caused major changes to websites’ positions in the search engine. The other thing to consider is whether or not you should update your meta title and meta description to try and engage more users in the search engine to click through to your website. Outdated content on your website can also cause a drop in on-page conversions (conversions like submitting an inquiry or purchasing a product). If your website has a high retention rate of users (if users keep coming back) than it is likely they are going to lose interest of seeing the same content all the time or perhaps you need to add a few additional call-to-actions on your website or make your website a lot easier to navigate through. It is always best to look at your website as if you were a user seeing it for the first time and see how easier it is to find your main services/products. It is super important to monitor your competitors and continually update the content on your website to keep users interested, ensure your SEO strategies are reflecting patterns in your Google Analytics/Search Console data and always look at your existing content and keep it up to date while maintaining a healthy balance of landing page generation. If you are interested to see how I can help your online business grow, please don’t hesitate to inquire.