Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway

The Benefit Of A Cashless Payment Gateway In 2019

Why Is Cryptocurrency So Important?

Understanding cryptocurrency, considering why it has a plethora of layers and how it is an interesting innovation for society is an important topic that needs to be explored due to the nature of its impact on our society, today.  The primary layer is overcoming the initial skepticism of cryptocurrency’s validity as a typical form of payment for both business owners and consumers. No matter what angle peaked your interest into cryptocurrency, it is vital to view virtual currency as a physical commodity to trade; used by a customer and a business owner both virtually and physically with the adoption of common practices such as credit cards and virtual payment gateways to assist the exchange of cryptocurrency.

Why Is Cryptocurrency Relevant?

Cryptocurrency trading is relevant to everyone today, because we are all playing a role of trade; in our local, state, national and global economy. To help you understand the importance of cryptocurrency in your life, consider what the creation of bitcoin stood for and from what moment in globalisation did cryptocurrency arise? if you don’t know or if you’re having trouble trying to understand the value of a peer to peer payment system, then the broader spectrum of the world alike, is still in the dark too. It is a topic that has only been favoured by early investors, miners and traders. What these miners and traders of cryptocurrency understand is, cryptocurrency is a virtual asset and the need for decentralized banking is necessary; nonetheless how does all of this relate to how we see our individual position in a growing new economy?

“We have proposed a system for electronic transactions without relying on trust.  We started with the usual framework of coins made from digital signatures, which provides strong control of ownership, but is incomplete without a way to prevent double-spending.  To solve this, we proposed a peer-to-peer network using proof-of-work to record a public history of transactions that quickly becomes computationally impractical for an attacker to change if honest nodes control a majority of CPU power” ( .

What Does Free Cryptocurrency & Sustainable Regulation Represent?

Many cannot grasp that the conversation has changed from legitimacy to sustainability and regulation, so the purpose of this dialogue is not to deconstruct how cryptocurrency software works or its security measures, but what it can represent. The more possibilities you can create the more distorted the reason bitcoin and more importantly the concept of money was created for becomes; and so, the manipulation layer of cryptocurrency begins.

Cryptocurrency was not created to be an asset to be held and traded for a select few; as more people are putting real money into the system, the cost of a bitcoin becomes more expensive creating an illusion to its reach. 

Possibilities to how the future of its socio-economic impact can only be clear when the process of cryptocurrency and our shared economy futures’ can be explained concisely. If not, the inevitable result in fear mongering and capitalisation of vulnerability in multiple variations have and will continue to rise. The application so far of proof of work versus proof of stake within the procedure of bitcoins core system; privately owned systems and infrastructure with support of the available public, has inevitably warranted the existence of cryptocurrencies.

The need to understand our individual role starts emerging as supply and demand of viable currencies begin to streamline into the public. The way in which you can conceptualize the application only falls to the limit of your knowledge of how the fundamentals of a free market can and should be managed by everyone. Creating the next layer of accepting there is an alternative to our current situation of increasing taxes, government debts and abuse of systematic change. Bitcoin and alternative coins alike can and are, trying to fund a transparent and safe ledger online as the existence of traders and miners support its own model in trade as a response to the issue of centralized banking.

Predicting the Future of Bitcoins Success

What we already know is, real people are already supplying real money, energy and computational power to create a supply and demand to of virtual currencies. Leading to the bigger question, understanding our position in all this rhetoric.   

Manipulation of a market place would better define regulation in the sense that unless we understand the purpose of having worked for your own goods we will end up repeating history yet again. As the masses start to consider the world of cryptocurrency, bitcoin and alternative coins possess the opportunity for communities to start considering alternative ways to engage with each other. It’s an interesting time because there is no way to predict the future of cryptocurrency because the grey area on regulation unfortunately still exists. Cryptocurrency was intended to release the ties of centralised banking; this ideology has been accepted in some parts of the world and is critical to allow everyone to create their own view on what the pros and cons are to virtual currency being traded for energy as a solution for creating an income.  

Ignoring the intricacies of Governments and Nongovernmental Organisations for the functionality of our globalised community; access to clean food, water and energy to maintain society is necessary, everything else is subjective to the individual and the collective to how their government and system is run. Value could be placed on maintaining and creating friendly ecosystems that can create energy to run computer hardware allowing community access to cryptocurrency and ultimately energy sources, dependent on the emphasis you allow to that impression.  Sustainability of supercomputers and ‘ai bots’ require both energy and manpower; building the infrastructure to maintain security both physical and virtual depends on everyone to support a new framework of approaching money creating the mentality of trading for energy which is equivalent to the amount of energy one can create.

The Politics of Free Cryptocurrency

The argument that money is irrelevant is redundant in our society without an alternative suggestion. Cryptocurrency is a new way of creating value to something that doesn’t exist. Our position in all of this is accepting that the longer you wait, the harder it will be in the future for you get the same benefits that some are having now. The ability to trade only comes down to the amount of energy you can afford. Already negating the existence for a community based on projects in a supportive manner to create new ways for everyone to have some form of asset. Everyone can have an educated assumption on anything yet sometimes we all can ignore the fundamentals of what we all need and share. Ignoring the politics and thinking hypothetically into a world where your banking is completely controlled by yourself, the reality of cryptocurrency’s value becomes both worthless and priceless. Bitcoin has proved its worth for so many people that the room for financial stability and growth for the wider community cannot be ignored for much longer. If you can hold down that voice of insecurity and start using reason, then you can start to see the practical and positive role to a virtual form of trade.

 If you look at it in this perspective:

Computer = Resource for computing power to create tangible coins to trade.
People = Building sustainable infrastructure for computing system to create.
Value = cryptocurrency/money/energy/blocks.Governments can create free energy systems with computational power and support its system by creating jobs as a positive incentive for reducing our affect on the earth. i.e. People create the free energy, something with value rewards the people for setting up the free energy and making computers do the work.

How To Get Free Cryptocurrency

There are multiple ways currently to earn free cryptocurrency. You can start mining (which you technically need to pay for electricity and your labor to setup the system – but at least you get a return on using your computer now), start trading cryptocurrency (this isn’t free technically as you made need to make an initial investment) and finally use gambling platforms to get free bitcoin.

Mining and Trading Cryptocurrency

If you already have an arsenal of computing hardware than you can start looking up tutorials on how to setup a miner for a certain currency. There is two types of mining – pool or solo, read more how mining cryptocurrency works here. You can search for a ‘gui’ miner liker minergate that lets you install a program with a user interface. If you aren’t too familiar with source code or using shell language. Please be warned the setup for solo miners is generally more difficult than pool mining and is best to learn how to setup a miner using shell commands.

We recommend looking at Steemit to start with, the provide a viable platform the allows users to generate profit.

Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway

Are you a business owner or looking to run your own eCommerce store?
Anyone with a WooCommerce installation on their WordPress website can utilise our payment gateway for their website. This plugin allows business owners to accept payments on their website, by converting their currency (i.e. USD or AUD, NZD) to current price for bitcoin / ethereum using an exchange rate formula. You can take advantage of this plugin on your website now, as other currencies will be added to this plugin soon.

Using Gambling Plaftorms for Free Cryptocurrency

If you legitimately want free cryptocurrency, there are actually gambling platforms that give you free coins in order to play games on their website. Like and they will let you have a free spin each hour in order to try and win a sum of free coins. There are certain hooks to using these platforms, the games are generally addictive to play and you are required to provide your sensitive information (i.e. the regular details you submit into forms) when signing up.

The benefits of combining mining or having a free spin on the gambling platforms allows you to generate an avenue where you are earning cryptocurrency without using any of your physical cash. If you are currently skeptical of how cryptocurrency; mining and trading works then getting start like this is the best foot in the door without any real risk.