If you prefer to see immediate results then search engine marketing or paid advertising like Google Ads might be better a better option for you. We can help you set up an effective digital marketing campaign utilising our SEO skills with Google Analytics, Google Search Console & Adwords.

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Paid online advertising is the term used to define paying marketing efforts online. Paid ads are usually through Google Ads, Facebook & Instagram or other popular social media channels.

How does online advertising work? Businesses will pay to put themselves in the highest position for different search results, the larger the search interest is for a particular keyword or search phrase the higher the cost is going to be associated with marketing on that search term.  SEO is utilised to help reduce the cost per click (“CPC”) by creating landing pages for specific search phrases.

SEO and paid online advertising go hand-in-hand and I would personally recommend using Google Ads management and SEO skills to help reduce your cost per click.


Google Ads can be very beneficial for start-up businesses looking to gain immediate traction in the search engine by targeting brand awareness (more impressions than clicks) with their ads.

 Google ads can be very effective if you have a substantial budget or you are driving traffic to the right search phrases, where your business is more likely to convert a user into a paying customer. However, if your business already has an effective online presence, then running Google Ads to try and generate more leads or conversions can potentially waste more money than if you were to put that budget towards optimising your pages for the search engine (SEO). Google Ads and SEO can both be extremely effective in generating leads, however I have seen detrimental effects when business drive ads towards towards branded keywords.​


Branded keywords are search phrases users will type into the search engine that contains your business name. Frequently you will see businesses driving traffic towards branded keywords (sometimes by default these are targeted in your ads). This is not always a bad thing, particularly if you are a large business and competitors are driving ads to try and hijack users searching for your business (this is specific to the client whether or not they want to target these keywords with ads).


From personal experience managing the SEO for larger traffic and high-converting websites is to avoid branded keywords where possible. These can impact your seo and cost you money if they are not being utilised correctly it would be far more beneficial to be moving this budget towards incresaing organic leads through high quality SEO efforts.

Google Ads Versus SEO

I have personally found that running ads on branded keywords has had a detrimental effect and wasted considerably large adwords budgets which could have been spent on other keywords or even better, invested into growing organic results. The Google Ads versus SEO price comparison involved running a campaign to target branded keywords versus stopping ads on branded keywords and allowing your organic results to perform as they should ignoring competitors’ ads. This was done on a few websites and the results were surprising, however it is always a preferential decision whether or not your want to run ads on branded keywords.

Thinking About Your SEM Budget

Google Ads is not the same as SEO, once your budget has expired, your ad will no longer be shown in the search engine. That is why it is always important to considering optimizing your website for organic (free) traffic with search engine optimisation (SEO). SEO can also help reduce the cost per click when driving traffic to a specific landing page.If you think Google Ads could be beneficial to your business, please request a free quote to discuss our Google Ads Management prices.