How to Keep Your Skills up to Date in 2020

Regardless of whether you’ve been in your career for multiple decades or two years, keeping your skills sharp is important to ensuring the longevity of your career. As far as tumultuous years go, 2020 sets itself apart from others with the recent Covid-19 pandemic. Going further than that, however, there have been significant developments in artificial intelligence and machine learning. These developments are poised to disrupt every aspect of the workforce.

Keeping your skills up to date will likely tie directly into understanding and adapting to these changes. Therefore, the best way to prepare yourself now is to utilize educational sources to identify and develop the key skills which will give you an edge over the competition should you obtain them. To that end, never assume that your skills don’t need updating, as there are always new ways to revamp your skillset.

Enroll In A Trade School

There is no better way of adapting your skills to modern times than enrolling in a trade school. Unlike traditional educational paths, such as colleges or universities, trade schools prepare students for a specific career path using intensive courses over the course of about a year. With some trade schools, such as Flatiron, offering deferred tuition, it is easy to see why this educational source is appealing.
The courses offered by most trade schools are all heavily tech-based and range from UX design to computer engineering, which ensures you pick up all the skills needed to stay relevant in the future of work. Achieving additional education has never been easier for anyone in the world. This ease is evidenced by the fact that, as covered by The Atlantic, trade school attendance has rivaled that of colleges and universities in recent years.

Trade schools offer potential students industry mentorship and one-on-one training that can properly prepare you with a degree in any tech field you desire. As far as developing modern skills goes, there is no better choice than relying on a trade school.

Consider Learning To Code!

Rather than focusing on launching a new career, if there is one skill that you should learn to stay relevant in 2020, it’s coding. While coding has been around for a number of years, it has become extremely prevalent in a number of careers today. Fascinatingly enough, a number of careers that aren’t even tech-based are beginning to require employees to have knowledge of coding due to how widespread the skill has become.

As discussed by Coding Dojo, coding is used to power all of the smartphones and computers around us today. To that end, acquiring knowledge of the various coding languages and learning how they are used in the workforce is important for keeping your skills up to date.
If you are passed the age of a college student, the best way to obtain extensive coding tutelage is to enroll in a popular coding bootcamp online. Doing so can give you valuable skills and knowledge that could potentially lead to a promotion in whatever company you currently work for.

Study Artificial Intelligence

Similar to coding, artificial intelligence and machine learning are specific driving forces for disruption in the workforce. Robots have been powering the automation of jobs for a number of years, and this automation is poised to spread into every industry. Gaining knowledge of these technologies but studying broader fields, such as computer science, can give you an edge over the competition.
You don’t need to understand the complexities of machine learning or artificial intelligence, but comprehending the skills needed to work in these fields may help you discover how to keep your skills relevant. Both fields use coding to power the technology utilized, and understanding which programming languages are the most relevant can help you figure out what to study specifically.


2020 has been an unpredictable year of change. The workforce as a whole has been extremely disrupted due to Covid-19 and remote work has become prevalent for most companies. Some of those companies are now considering not even bringing employees back to a physical office, as they have seen the benefits remote work and technology have brought. Adapting your skills to fit into this uncertain future is a must for any employee who wishes to have a long-lasting career in their field.

Author: Artur Meyster

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