Have your website hosted on a vps server that is fully managed by Porter Technology. That means, your website has access to far more resources than a shared server, giving your website more power to load pages faster and your website can run hassle-free because we’ll do a monthly backup and keep your website patched.
Not only is our server super fast, it is also very secure, so you can forget about the strife that comes with worrying about your website failing.


If you are looking for a package that gives you the freedom to control your own website, we can provide or help organise your own cPanel. Our hosting services will give you access to your own cPanel so you can freely manage your database, files or whatever else you may need to do. We offer a number of hosting packages to better suit your website’s requirements.

First Time ​Owning A Website?

If this is your first time owning a website, we offer expert services for when you need a complete walk-through to get your business online. A few of our services include; helping you acquire your domain name, we can design and develop your website, organise your website hosting and provide on-going maintenance and internet marketing.

To get started, simply purchase your domain name from a domain registrar or contact us and we can sort out the rest for you. If you would like recommendations for your domain name or are If you are having other issues acquiring your domain name, get in contact with us.


A plethora of business will get their website developed without a child theme and will lose changes they have made to the look and feel of their website. This is generally due to vulnerabilities in your website (i.e. not patching your website) and certain updates can cause undesired effect on websites which haven’t had these child themes installed. It’s best to choose a web host that has experience developing reliable, beautifully designed and responsive website. If you’re having issues with your website or you want a website host with a good reputation and will respond to support issues timely our website hosting is for you.


Website hosting on our vps server is designed for everyone, even for those who don’t really understand what it takes to keep your website online and keep it secured from being hacked. Having your website hosted by Porter Technology just means you pay less for a better server with less stress at the end of the day. Enquire today for hassle-free and fast website hosting.