Hire a website developer with an abundance of knowledge and experience migrating, rebuilding and repairing hacked websites. If you need regular website maintenance or assistance urgently with your website, please enquire today! I can also host your website on our fast and secure server to avoid any future hassles and to ensure your website stays patched and has regular backups taken.

If you require urgent website support outside our website hours, please feel free to enquire through the contact us page or use the online chat. I will try to be available as soon as possible.


The hourly rate for any urgent website issue is $100/hr and you can enquire for monthly website support packages to reduce the cost.

Premium support covers all website services to help you with anything related to a website, this includes helping you acquire your domain name, fixing issues with your website promptly and offering technical advice for your website. I can also offer additional solutions to host your website on a fast & reliable website server and expert website development services.


Are You Fixing a Hacked Website Yourself?

Below is a checklist below of common errors you should check first when you see your site has been ‘hacked’. If you need further assistance in regaining control over your website or fixing undesired effects on your website please give us a call. I can be available 24 / 7 to fix your website for a $100 / hour rate.

Do You Want Assistance Fixing A Hacked Website?

I can be available 24 / 7  to fix your website for a $100 / hour rate. Offering expert services to get your website back up and running as fast as possible. If your website is unrecoverable from the hack, I can work with you to rebuild the website in an extremely fast time-frame.

A Checklist For Fixing A Hacked Website

  • Have you taken a recent website backup? It is easiest to recover from a hack when you have a recent copy of your website you can revert to.
  • Before attempting to fix your website, I recommend taking a backup of the site before proceeding (even with the infected files).
  • ​Have you checked your error log or the developer’s console to see which files are causing the issue? You may need to turn on debugging in your wp-config.php file.
  • Is there a plugin or theme that needs to be updated? A lot of the time people think there website has been hacked. When it is usually a situation where a plugin/theme hasn’t been updated or a child theme was not created and when the site was updated, changes to javascript and css have been lost causing undesirable effects on your website.
  • ​Do you see a white screen when you ​visiit your website​? this is generally a 500 error, which indicates there is a problem with your site connecting to your database or potentially a server timeout has occurred due to a bug.